How will my items be delivered?

When provided by the auctioneer, we will give you delivery information specific to each auction on the auction details page and on the lot details page.

Auction News do not provide a delivery service at the present time, therefore it is important to understand the auctioneer’s delivery terms before you place a bid. You may need to arrange your own delivery or collect the goods yourself. The auctioneer may provide further delivery options including details of delivery firms they partner with.

Can I return goods bought at auction?

At most online and live auctions, goods are sold as seen and without warranty. There is usually no right of return unless the goods are materially different to the catalogue description.

Auction News strongly recommends you view and inspect the goods prior to bidding. You should contact the auctioneer if you have any questions prior to bidding as it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself with the condition of the goods and bid accordingly.

How much are the delivery costs?

You will need to contact the auctioneer directly regarding delivery costs as these will vary depending on the auctioneer, type of goods and where they are being delivered to. The auctioneer may provide delivery options including details of firms they partner with, alternatively you may need to arrange your own delivery.

Can I have a different delivery address to my main address?

Currently we only store your main address details that are associated with your card. If would like goods delivered to a different address you should contact the auctioneer or delivery firm directly with this information. 

Can the goods be delivered outside of the UK?

Delivery terms will vary with each auctioneer. You will need to contact them directly regarding overseas delivery.

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