This Is The Auction Rebellion

3rd October 2019

Who Are William George?

You may have seen a lot of William George in Auction News this year but what are they all about?

Founded in Peterborough, William George is an online auction house on a mission. A mission to shake up one of the oldest industries in the world.

This is an auction house determined to make auctions easier and more accessible to the masses. Increasing transparency in pricing for bidders and creating a seamless way to get your items into auction.

This year has brought with it the innovative Seller Hub and a complete website redesign. Making it easier to find what you're looking for, whether you're on mobile, desktop or tablet.

The Seller Hub is the jewel in the William George crown. An end to end service where you can upload lots in your own time and get them into a private or collective auction.

You can also manage your sales, track results, book beautiful marketing and much more. A quick and simple system designed to make selling easy, whether you have 1 item to sell or 100.

Did we mention it's 0% seller commission? You keep 100% of the hammer price. If you're listing in collective then there are no listing fees either!

Breaking from the traditional mould of large sales every few months, you'll find a huge variety of auctions every week. Whether you're looking for classic cars and luxury watches or commercial vehicles and trade stocks

With an unrivalled selection of auctions, William George has hosted over 800 auctions in the last year. Across their own website as well as the-saleroom, Bidspotter, i-Bidder, Invaluable and more.

If you're an experienced auction buyer or looking for the first time, you'll feel right at home with an easy to use website and customer support by phone,email and live chat.

In another move going against the grain, last year they teamed up with WWF, IFAW and Two Million Tusks to fight against the ivory trade.

William George does not deal in the sale of ivory or CITES endangered wildlife products. One of a very small minority of auction houses to do so

With lift share and cycle to work schemes, ethics play a large part in the company's culture. An environmentally conscious auction house.

William George has recently moved into a new high spec office with lightning-fast internet, idea pods and an innovation lab. Gearing up for even more digital disruption in the future.

Equipped with a young and ambitious workforce striving to bring auctions kicking and screaming into the 21st century. They are looking to upheave the industry and make it easier and faster to get your hands on the items you want.

This is the auction rebellion, this is William George

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