Inside The A1 Art Mainframe

17th October 2019

By William George

William George are bringing you an exciting auction of art with a difference.  Art created by artificial intelligence.

The auction will feature 5 lots of art created by a computer algorithm, not a human being.  An auction that could just light the touchpaper for a new art movement.  This is a unique opportunity to own one of the first pieces available through auction.

"We are ecstatic to be able to offer such an exciting and special auction" says Mark Falco, Marketing Director at William George.  "This could prove significant in the growth of A1 art and signal a shift in the art industry as a whole".
A1 art is created through a process whereby a computer is fed with thousands of images of existing works of art and then creates new original works based on that input.

Winning bidders will receive;

  • A printed canvas of the artwork
  • A USB memory stock containing the image and full image rights
  • A copy of the first published collection of A1 Art in which it features.

The art industry's response to A1 art has been one controversy, as is often the case with any new form of art.  With many refusing to recognise A1 as a true medium of art. The first piece of A1 art sold in an auction was "portrait of Edmond Belamy", at Christie's New York for $432,5000 in 2018.

William George is notorious for disrupting the auction industry.  Taking a stand against the trade of ivory and helping bring online auctions to the fore despite reluctance from traditional auction houses.

This auction of A1 art is the first to be held solely online and the first with physical versions to be sold in the UK.  William George is at the forefront of digital disruption in the auction industry.

The art is now available for bidding in a timed online auction which ends on the 14th of November.  Bids may be placed at any time until then.

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